Can the Dawn Chorus help save our species? 14 April

In conversation with Birdwatch Ireland

Since the first lockdown last year, more people than ever have been listening to birds singing. Identifying those birds through their songs and learning more about them can lead us to better understand how we can help conserve their species – and ours!

Joe Lennon is Chairman of the BirdWatch Ireland Wicklow Branch. He is a skilled fieldwork volunteer with the Countryside Bird Survey and the Irish Wetland Bird Survey (I-WeBS), both jointly run by BirdWatch Ireland and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Joe first started watching birds in his native County Louth when he was nine years old and has had a lifelong interest in nature and conservation.

The dawn chorus is one of the most magical experiences in nature: a multitude of birds of many different species all singing together in harmony as morning breaks and light begins to fill the skies. With a couple of rare exceptions, birdsong is an activity that is strictly limited to the spring and early summer.  It may sound like beautiful music to our ears, but to the birds it is something quite different.  At its most simple, it is a way for rival males (for it is just the male of the species that sings in the vast majority of cases) to fight and resolve conflicts without directly coming to blows, and also a means by which they can impress and attract a mate.

14 April at 7.30pm

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