What inspires you? Join us in 2021 and make nature your inspiration.

We all know that making resolutions is a tricky business at the best of times and never more so in 2020 when everything constantly changed around us, but our natural environment was always there to give us joy.  So let’s give something back to nature and make 2021 our year together for ‘Actions for conservation’.

We will be releasing a number of inspiring actions for conservation every month, via this, our newly revamped website ‘Connemara Green’, Facebook and Instagram pages and it would be great if you, our friends and colleagues would pick an action or two (or ten!) and then post and share with us, via our social media pages, any photos or information from your actions to add to our collective knowledge.

It could be something simple like picking up rubbish from a beach or helping a wonderful organization like Birdwatch Ireland by counting the birds in your garden.  It can include planting a few bare-rooted native trees or a small area with wild flower seed.  We can benefit nature by educating ourselves and sometimes just asking a simple question like ‘is this plant  good for bees?’

As we were unable to hold our Connemara Green Festival in 2020, we feel that it is very important to inspire and encourage awareness and  protection of our natural environment in other ways, so please join us now and make a personal commitment to ‘Actions for conservation’ in 2021 in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: recruit others to join and share our cause
Step 2: pick an action OR share an action with us
Step 3: take a picture, share and inspire others


Actions for Conservation