Action 6 – Make a seaweed cough remedy

Carraigin moss seaweed is a remedy for a cough as Carraigin has antiviral properties and also shifts phlegm from the chest. Carraigín means ‘little rock’, a description that aptly sums up the steadfast and unshakable position this delicate sea plant has traditionally held in Ireland for many generations. The name ‘Carrageen’ was introduced around 1830 and most likely came from Carrigan Head in County Donegal in north-western Ireland. The carraigín was ‘plucked’ (never picked) and harvested off the rocks. It was prepared in kitchens throughout the country to relieve sore throats, coughs, colds and chest problems.

Today, carraigín is as popular as ever, and current research tells us that the old folk were correct in their assessment of its healing properties; it is both antiviral and an expectorant (helps expel phlegm) and was the seaweed of choice to hasten recovery from chest infections. Caraigin is often made into puddings with milk, a little honey and vanilla to make a healthy treat. It is also made into healthy drinks.

Dr Prannie Rhatigan who wrote ‘The Irish Seaweed Kitchen’ has a recipe in this link

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