Action 1 – Counting for Conservation

Want to do something useful for Conservation in this next phase of lockdown? Let’s forget COVID and concentrate on Corvids (crows) and other birds visiting our gardens in winter! Annually around 800 people count their gardens and return the data Birdwatch Ireland – it would be great if you would take part?

By keeping track of our small birds during winter, it gives Birdwatch Ireland  a good picture of the national trends and enables action to be taken to protect our small beacons of biodiversity. In harsh weather, gardens can be a true refuge for chaffinches, blue tits, siskins and many more. You don’t have to be an expert to take part. To help with this action, we are providing a PDF of the twenty more common garden birds and you can always post a picture of the description on our FB page if you need identification help too. Bird Book with sound

Peanuts and seeds are ideal but small amounts of rice, bread, cereals and cheese are also fine Please see

Let us know if you are participating and please share this post. Happy identifying and counting!

Irish Garden Bird Survey – Survey Form 2020_21_pdf

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